Only 37 Guns Turned in to New Zealand Police after Request by Prime Minister

After the deadliest mass shooting by a white supremacist in modern New Zealand history, which killed 50 people at two separate Mosques before police apprehended the suspect 36 minutes after the rampage began, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a ban on semiautomatic weapons. This would be the most radical piece of gun legislation to become law in the nation. The ban classifies semi-automatic rifles as ‘military style,’ even though no military in the world actively uses semiautomatic rifles like the AR15. Their weapons are fully automatic, but details are less important.

Prior to the official announcement of the wide spread assault weapon ban, Ardern made an official announcement inviting “anybody wanting to surrender their firearms to Police is welcome to do so.” They requested this as a show of unity and hoping to capitalize on knee jerk emotional responses to an awful tragedy.

The official ban, which does not include a grandfather clause for current gun owners, would require compulsory surrender of firearms to the government.

After the first day, a whopping 37 firearms from an unknown number of gun owners were turned into New Zealand police, according to The Guardian. In a nation with 1.2 million firearms, initial request decreased the total number of firearms in the country by an immeasurably small amount.

This is no surprise, the vast majority of people harbor no hate within their hearts, and have no desire to go on a rampage. An innocent person who under no circumstances would follow in the footsteps of this monster is not a threat to the nation, and thus them turning in their weapon will no nothing to aid security. It’s like people giving away their cars to prevent drunk driving. If they had no intention of committing the act in the first place, them handing over their tool will do nothing. The small fraction of people who are willing to do evil things will keep their weapons because criminals don’t care about laws.

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