#TrumpsTerrorists Trends on Twitter after Two Mass Shootings in Two Days

Hours after a weekend of death, many are quick to shift the blame from the monsters who carried out these senseless killings to President Trump, branding him as a racist instigator to these alleged white supremacist attacks.

On Saturday, an evil 21-year-old entered a Walmart in El Paso, Texas with an AK-47 rifle and open fired on a crowd of innocent shoppers in a 20+ minute rampage which left at least 20 people dead and more than 26 people injured. U.S. Attorney John Bash said at a new conference that the suspect will likely be charged with domestic terrorism charges, as it was revealed in the shooters manifesto that he held a high level of anti-Hispanic sentiment and rallied against the replacement of white heritage.

It goes without saying, yet I will say it anyway, that white nationalism is entirely evil and indefensible.

The second incident, a day later, took place in the early hours of Sunday morning in Dayton, Ohio. This shooting at a local bar left 9 people dead, and 27 other injured. The facts of this act of evil are still unraveling so more will come as they emerge.

It is the official policy of Chezner Media to not publish the names, faces, or manifestos of mass shooters or domestic terrorists. We refuse to give these monsters any of the attention they crave. In the El Paso shooters manifesto, which he posted to the site 8Chan, he reportedly claimed to be inspired by the New Zealand shooting months prior.

Only a few hours after the second incident, #TrumpsTerrorists began trending on Twitter. It is now the Number 1 trending hashtag with over 115,000+ tweets.

Many in the media and online pundits are quick to blame President Trump for creating an environment where white supremacy and domestic terrorism can thrive. Don Lemon went as far as labeling Trump a racist during the questioning of last week’s Democratic Debate.

An example of the type of tweets currently trending

The two recent incidents commonly cited are his comments regarding the Democratic ‘Squad’, and critiques about the cleanliness of Baltimore. Trump drew heat from all sides for telling the ‘Squad’ to return to their home countries. Though many have correctly argued that the series of tweets had xenophobic undertones, it is not racist because Trump targeted the progressives for their policies, not their race.

Trump’s attack on Baltimore were anything but racist, as these are all objectively true observations about the state of the American Metropolitan. Baltimore is frequently featured on lists of the most rat infested cities, it has the highest crime rate, over 2,000 per 100,000 residents, among large U.S. cities, and there is a large population decline. It is not racist to point this out,

Trump has frequently called white nationalism “repugnant” and has wholeheartedly disavowed racism every time he was asked to. It is irresponsible for the media to blame a politician for the actions of someone acting independently if that person even slightly overlaps politically with the politician. Blaming people for other person’s actions is not only a slippery slope, but can be seen as a blatant attempt to smear that politician with views them likely do not subscribe to.

The fact of the matter is these attacks have happened long before Trump was ever on the political scheme, they are happening now due in no part to Trump’s presidency, as his actions have aggressively been against white nationalism, and they will continue long after he leaves office unless we as a country address the underlying issues that cause this type of violent mindset in today’s youth.

Though the media is quick to link Trump and his rhetoric to the actions of evil men, despite many in their manifestos saying Trump has been ineffective to their plight, we are yet to see radical left wing extremists being tied to liberal politicians. The AntiFa member who attacked an ICE detention center with propane bombs used AOC’s ‘concentration camp’ language in his justifying document, and the maniac who attacked a GOP Congressional baseball practice was an avid Bernie-Bro. Yet, nobody puts the blame on the Democrats, which is the correct way to react.

It is impossible to blame Trump for these tragedies as he had never targeted or attacked someone because of their race or ethnicity.

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