Nicholas Sandmann, Student Harassed by the Media for Standing Still, Speaks Out

We’ve seen it in the headlines. ‘Highschoolers harass Native American elder in MAGA hats.’ We were expected to just accept their reality at face value without context, and without question. A photo op moment was captured where a young man, couldn’t have been older than 17, was seen smiling at am old Native Americen protector who was singing tribal songs and beating his drum. The two were posed close together, and the media took this story and ran with it.

Claims of hate and harassment coming from the unidentified young man flooded social media. Even Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren chimed in, calling the incident one filled with ‘hateful taunts.’

Nathan Phillips, the Native American in the clips, told reporters he heard the students say ‘build that wall.’ In the clip Warren shared, he is brought to tears by the incident. “We’re not supposed to have walls here,” he says. He wants the masses to have a desire to take care of the children and the elderly, eliminate prisons, and “make America great.”

He remains the only one to hear ‘build that wall’ directed towards him. No audio recording I could find had proved his claim. No video has shown them acting disrespectful towards him. If anything, the students show tremendous restraint towards a stranger who was in their face.

Many didn’t care. Regardless of the truth, slander was launched towards the main student, who has now self identified as Nicholas Sandmann, and slandered him a hateful racist.

Celebrities like Kathy Griffin with millions of followers are actively calling for the doxxing of this poor student, and for public shaming. All for standing still, smiling, and doing nothing else. This poor boy has been plastered across social media, television, and newspapers for standing. His reputation is potentially in shambles.

He has now come forward with his own testimony regarding the incident, as had many of his classmates. In a written statement, he says he was the one confronted by Phillips, not the other way around as you’d assume based on backlash. He was the one approached, yet he is slandered as a taunter. The students were told to meet at the Lincoln Memorial and wait for their buses to be brought back to Kentucky. He had no choice in being there, but Phillips choose to approach and stay in the crowd of students.

Four “African American protesters” were on the steps as well started to harass the students, calling them awful names. With the permission of their chaperone, they performed school chants in response. Sandmann is not seen doing any chants in the videos.

Around this time, Phillips had approached the students, followed by a cameraman. No one enters a group while being filmed unless they intend on starting some sort of trouble. Phillips willingly approached the group with the intent to start something.

As backed by the video, Sandmann remained still, silent, and made no gestures towards Phillips. His aim was to “diffuse the situation” by remaining calm. He admits to smiling, but when has smiling ever been considered taunting.

Sandmann claims to have received countless threat of violence towards him and his family because of the event from a “social media mob.”

His account seems to be fully backed by video evidence of the event.

President Trump Offers DACA Deal in Exchange for the Wall

It is now day 29 of the longest government shutdown in our nations history. Tensions are high, but President Trump has put forth yet another attempt to reopen the government through a bipartisan approach to border and immigration reform. Early leaks of the proposal include extra protection to DACA recipients and those in the U.S. under the TPS system in exchange for the $5.7 billion in wall funding

Even before officially rolling out his proposal, Nancy Pelosi called the rumored plan a “non-starter.” It is clear there is little to no willingness to make any form of compromise on the part of democrats.

President Trump began his statement shortly after 4:00 pm. He starts off by expressing his admiration for those who immigrate here legally, and exclaims his openness for immigration from all parts of the world.

He goes on to say the current system is broken, and there exists a ‘humanitarian and security crisis’ which “requires urgent action.” He covers many of the same point brought up in his last oval office address. The costs of drugs, crime, wage suppression, and strain on taxpayers were all brought up.

The proposed plan he is putting forward comes from his border security advisers. He describes it as a “common sense compromise,” which both sides should embrace.

He begins with a call for $800 million in urgent assistance to the humanitarian crisis at the Southern border along with $805 billion for new high tech drug detection equipment to tackle the massive drug overflow into the nation.

The proposal also includes 2,750 new boarder patrol agents, and 75 federal judges to help process the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigration and asylum claims. President Trump finds the long process for deportation unreasonable, but has no plans to change it as it is a duty of Congress to make those rules.

He also wants a new system for minors to apply for asylum in their home country in order to keep them safe from vicious coyotes, and prevent any harm or separation from their parents.

The most controversial part was his $5.7 billion request for a ‘strategic barrier,’ also known as a the steel slate wall. He pointed out correctly that we already have hundreds of miles of fencing and other barriers on our border. This would add 230 additional miles of wall. As he said, this is not immoral, it is compassionate toward American citizens.

Most of these have been proposed or supported by democrats in the past. No reason for them to deny them now. The only clear reason why they come out against it is because they hate who proposed it.

President Trump made some large concessions. There will be 3 additional years of protection for DACA and TPS recipients. Under the plan, they would have access to SSN’s, and work permits. This would give Congress additional time to come up with a long term solution while those protected will have temporary peace of mind. Temporary Protected Status is given to those whose deportation is deemed too dangerous due to ongoing violence in their home country.

President Trump told the public Mitch McConnell will bring this bill to the Senate floor within the week. If he were to bring it forward after reopening the government, there would be no reason for the Democrats to come to the table. Waiting until after the shutdown ends will not result in any fix.

He also indicated he will start weekly bipartisan meetings to solve the immigration crisis with a more permanent and long term solution.

You can watch the full speech below:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Proposes Water Tax in 2019-20 Budget

Newly elected governor of California Gavin Newsom is already living up to the California stereotype of taxing everything. Earlier this week in the new 2019-20 budget his administration proposed, there was a provision which included an unspecified tax on water. Yes, drinking water is now subject to potential taxation in The Golden State.

The budget calls for a “Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund,” which would be funded by taxes on “new water, fertilizer, and dairy fees” with the purpose of “[enabling] the State Water Resources Control Board to assist communities, particularly disadvantaged communities, in paying for the short-term and long-term costs of obtaining access to safe and affordable drinking water.” The budget fails to outline exactly how much each individual would pay or how the taxes would be levied.

Keep in mind this is the same state which both banned plastic bags in 2014, and fines restaurants $25 for providing plastic straws. California already consistently tops the list for highest tax burdens for individual states.

Newsom categorizes “access to safe and affordable drinking water is a fundamental right.” For a state which frequently designates commodities as ‘human rights,’ such as health care, it is no surprise they keep expanding the definition. Though they insist on taxing a fundamental right.

The Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) had this to say:

“The vast majority of the state’s residents have access to safe drinking water, but a small percentage of the population does not. This unacceptable reality is a social issue for the State of California. ACWA believes that making access to safe drinking water for all Californians should be a top priority for the State. However, a statewide water tax is highly problematic and is not necessary when alternative funding solutions exist and the state has a huge budget surplus.”

This is true. Surprisingly California has a budget surplus of over $20 billion. Funding for the program can be easily found without extra taxes on the masses.

DNC Removed From Women’s March Sponsor List Due to Antisemitism

The original Women’s March on January 21st, 2017 made headlines as it hosted over half a million people marching for women’s rights the day after President Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United State in Washington D.C. From early on, it was always designated as a left-wing advocacy stunt to garner support against the new president.

The movement, which had a subsequent march the following year and all across the country, is no stranger to controversy. 80’s icon Madonna had shouted her desire to ‘blow up the White House’ during a speech at the march. Also, pro-life feminist groups were denied access to the event. It is no surprise some call them hypocritical for claiming to fight for women’s rights while denying pro-lifers participation.

However, this is not why the DNC, a sponsor for the past two years, decided to pull support. No, it was antisemitic ties to the founders which forced the party to sever ties. DNC Deputy Communications Director Sabrina Singh told CNN “The DNC stands in solidarity with all those fighting for women’s rights and holding the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers across the country accountable. Women are on the front lines of fighting back against this administration and are the core of our Democratic Party.” She refused to comment further on the removal of the DNC from the Women’s March sponsor list. The DNC had been removed as of Tuesday.

Many of the co-chairs of the Women’s March, including Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, and Cameron Perez have a long history of praising one of the biggest antisemitic people in the country. Louis Farrakhan, founder of the Nation of Islam, has frequently bashed Jews, called them ‘satanic’, and praised Hitler. He does not deny, nor fight this criticism. He welcomes it with open arms.

Linda Sarsour, the most famous of the three, had spoken at one of Farrakhan’s events title Justice of Else in 2015, yet continues to deny any association with him, as well as refusing to condemn his evil views.

Image result for perez holding hands with farrakhan

Tamika Mallory and Cameron Perez are pictured above holding hands with the antisemitic pastor back in 2016. There are multiple other photos of them together, perfectly fine with the evil Farrakhan spews. They are complicit in his hate. One one such photo, Linda Sarsour had commented “the brother does not age. God bless him.”

The Anti Defamation League labeled Farrakhan as “America’s leading anti-Semite.” The Southern Poverty Law Center designated the Nation of Islam as a hate group. The co-chairs are yet to denounce their association with him.

Recently, the founder of the Women’s March had called for the trio to step down from their post citing their troubling association with the Nation of Islam.

Pelosi Tries to Cancel ‘State of the Union’ Over Shutdown

After sending out the official invitation for President Trump to give his annual ‘State of the Union’ address for January 29th, Speaker Pelosi has attempted to recede the invitation and cancel the event over the government shutdown and border wall fight. The short letter below is what she sent the President earlier today:

Dear Mr. President:

On January 3rd, it was my privilege as Speaker to invite you to deliver the State of the Union address on January 29th. The Constitution calls for the President to “from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union.” During the 19th Century and up until the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, these annual State of the Union messages were delivered to Congress in writing. And since the start of modern budgeting in Fiscal Year 1977, a State of the Union address has never been delivered during a government shutdown.
In September 2018, Secretary Nielsen designated State of the Union Addresses as National Special Security Events (NSSEs), recognizing the need for “the full resources of the Federal Government to be brought to bear” to ensure the security of these events. The extraordinary demands presented by NSSEs require weeks of detailed planning with dozens of agencies working together to prepare for the safety of all participants.
The U.S. Secret Service was designated as the lead federal agency responsible for coordinating, planning, exercising, and implementing security for National Special Security Events by Public Law 106-544, December 19, 2000. However, both the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security have not been funded for 26 days now — with critical departments hamstrung by furloughs.
Sadly, given the security concerns and unless government re-opens this week, I suggest that we work together to determine another suitable date after government has re-opened for this address or for you to consider delivering your State of the Union address in writing to the Congress on January 29th.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Speaker of the House

While the Constitution calls for the ‘occasional’ SOTU address to Congress, there is no mandate for a yearly in-person, hour long speech. She is correct in stating it has only been recently that the address has taken place in person, as it used to be the norm for presidents to send a simple letter.

However, we are in the middle of the longest shutdown in U.S. history, and her security concerns are legitimate. Without funding, it may be more difficult for the Secret Service to adequately protect the President, his cabinet, and the 538 members of Congress. Everybody who’s anybody in D.C. will be in attendance.

Something tells me the security problem is not the Speakers main concern. Without a doubt she is more worried about what he may say rather than him saying it while well guarded. The government is shutdown because Minority Leader Schumer refused to pass a spending bill which included $5.7 billion for a wall, less than 0.1% of the multi-trillion dollar budget. After the old Congress lapsed, Pelosi, now the House Speaker, also is refusing to entertain any money for the border wall.

More recently, Democrats declined a bipartisan lunch at the White House to discuss a border funding compromise.

Seeing as both Trump SOTU Addresses reached over 45 million viewers, Trump would have over an hour of a national captive audience to explain to the American people that the government remains shutdown because democrats prioritize illegal aliens over the American people. Pelosi fears the president’s appeal to the people, and the negative press that will follow the democrats after he continues to make his case for a small allocation to keep the country safe. She knows she has a losing case when the information is presented well.

College Conservatives Sue University of Florida over Funding Discrimination

The Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at the University of Florida is suing the Board of Trustees with the help of the Alliance Defending Freedom in federal court, according to the Miami Herald.

YAF alleges the student government distributes funds in a biased way to non-budgeted student organizations, and has taken steps to squash the organizations access to student funding.

In the past, the group had hosted a number of big name speakers, including Ben Shapiro, without incident, but a change in policy following the denial to become a fully budgeted group has led to discriminatory practices in how funds are distributed. After the denial of YAF’s budgetary request by the Student Senate, they passed a new rule barring non-budgeted organizations from requesting speaker funding.

According to the complaint, “under this new policy, budgeted student organizations can advocate for their own viewpoints both directly and by bringing in guest speakers, but non-budgeted student organizations cannot obtain funding to similarly express themselves.”

The suit comes after being denied over $6,000 to host the Dana Loesch, spokeswoman for the NRA, and commentator Andrew Kalvan, along with denial of their budgetary request.

Because YAF was the only organization on campus to actively request funding for speakers, the students feel this policy is directly targeting them for their views.

Students are challenging the student governments “unbridled discretion” in allocating funds to whichever group they see as worthy.

All students are required to pay a $19 student fee for organizations, so requiring the members of YAF to fund other students’ free speech while denying funds for their own is clear viewpoint discrimination.

Trump Rejects Wall Compromise; Government Will Remain Shutdown

After a 12 day battle, democrats offered President Trump a compromised spending bill that included $2.5 billion for border security, but no money earmark for the long awaited wall, as reported by The New York Times. President Trump swiftly rejected the proposal, stating in a Tweet “$5.6 Billion Dollars that House has approved is very little in comparison to the benefits of National Security.” Despite predictions of him folding on his border wall promise again, he remains firm in his position.

President Trump also rejected a deal where he would fund the government in exchange for coupling the border wall with worker permits and protection for DACA recipients. While president Trump had made a similar proposal earlier this year, it had been rejected by Congress. There is little to suggest the outcome would be any different this time around. With Democrats set to take the House tomorrow, this is likely the administrations last chance to deliver on a key promise from the campaign.

The $5.6 billion border wall would represent far less than 1% of the total federal budget. It is estimated each illegal alien has a net fiscal cost on taxpayers of $70,000 during their lifetime, even accounting for taxes they may pay.

Though the media put the blame on President Trump, it was Senate Democrats who originally blocked the spending bill, which included the border wall funding. It was the Democrats senate vote, led by Chuck Schumer, that resulted a partial shutdown.

After today’s joint congressional meeting at the White House, Democrats dig into their position of no border wall funding. Nancy Pelosi is quoted saying “We can go through the back and forth. No. How many more times can we say no? Nothing for the wall.”

The White House had invited democrats and republicans back for another meeting this Friday, but there is little to indicate a funding deal will be made.

Elizabeth Warren Announces Bid for Presidency

It’s official, the 2020 election cycle is now underway. While President Trump has long decided he will seek reelection, even deciding on the campaign slogan ‘Keep America Great,’ no democrat had thrown their hat into the ring until now.

Several were rumored to either run or consider running, including Senator Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden, and failed Texas Senatorial Candidate Beto O-Rourke.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a former Harvard Law professor and self described Native American, is the first to officially launch an ‘exploratory committee’ for president. Warren made the announcement on her newly formed YouTube channel and Twitter earlier on New Years Eve.

Exploratory committees are essentially precursors to political runs. They aren’t official campaigns, but whenever one is formed, 9 out of 10 times they run.

Senator Warren has come under fire in recent months for her inconclusive DNA test when attempting to back up claims of Native American heritage. The results found she is as little as 1/1024th Native American. President Trump dubbed her ‘Pocahontas’ ironically.

In her official announcement video, she explains America made a ‘promise for citizen to be able to take care of your family.’ The theme of the video seems to revolve around this promise, and making it true for everyone, however, this optimistic tone does not last beyond the intro.

After touting her family’s military service, and telling a brief family background, she dives into the hardships American’s face while making claims of individual entitlement, and checking her own privilege.

It isn’t long before she begins playing the identity politics card. She uses a graph of income share to show the struggle of working class families, despite median income for all groups remaining steady or increasing over the past 50 years adjusting for inflation for all wealth brackets. In an attempt to appeal to minority voters, she says black families have it even tougher.

To appease the growing socialist branch of the democratic party, she talks about how America’s ‘promise’ isn’t available for everyone. Specifically singling out minority and working class individuals.

The video then goes on the offensive, finally putting a face to her target. Big business, billionaires, and the wealthy are to blame, she claims. The rich have become an easy scapegoat for people on the left. She says we “crippled unions” and gave the wealthy big and unfair tax breaks. Most of the video is an attack on wealthy Americans and Wall Street.

While saying “corruption is poisoning our democracy” she cuts to clips of Steven Mnunchin, Mitch McConnell, and even Paul Ryan holding a cake with a dollar sign on it. Typical demoralization tactic designed to heavily imply corruption of the GOP without directly stating it.

“Big banks rip off consumers” while insurance companies deny coverage. Nothing is cited.

She claims everyone against her i.e. republicans support an “echo chamber of fear and hate.” This video concludes with the tired attempt to brand everyone on the right as racist and evil. Though she wants to fight division, labeling the other side as hateful is the most divisive thing one can do. She plays ‘build the wall’ chants after showing images of minorities, gay couples, and Muslim congressional elects.

She boasts America is down a ‘dark path,’ lacking in opportunity. She is still under the illusion that America is still a racist and bigoted nation where democracy is under constant threat, even after we just came out of an election cycle.

Campaign announcements are usually nothing more than propaganda, and this is no different. It lacks a unifying message and attacks the morality of people who oppose her. Not a good way to start.

You can watch the full video down below.

California DMV Adds Non-Citizens to Voter Rolls

Prior to the 2018 midterm election, an error at various California DMV outlets resulted 1,500 people, including non citizens, being incorrectly registered to vote.

The errors occurred between April 23rd and September 5th.

This revelation comes after California DMV’s botched 23,000 voter registration forms by putting the wrong party affiliation for voters. Because California is an ‘open primary’ state, these errors likely did not affect anyone’s right to vote.

The improper voter registration occurred when people “accidentally filled in the wrong voter eligibility response on driver’s license applications,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle, and the DMV employees failed to correct the mistake.

In a state where illegal aliens are eligible for drivers licenses, many are concerned about the potential for illegal alien’s being registered to vote.

A 2014 study found non citizen votes likely had a noticeable effect on the composition of Congress in the 2008 election as well as “likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform.” Illegal aliens are also much more likely to favor democrats over republicans giving democrats an unfair advantage when non citizens are left on the voter rolls.

With 39 million incidents of Social Security fraud committed between 2012 and 2016, with many being stolen for use by illegal aliens, it is reasonable to assume illegal aliens are capable of finding ways to fraudulently register to vote.

Non-citizen interference in elections is objectively bad. Luckily, California claims to be taking steps towards stopping false voter registration.

Schools in Iowa Offer Gun Safety Course

Two middle schools in rural Iowa join the small, but growing list of schools which offer short gun safety classes for it’s students.

This spring, students in the Clarksville and North Butler school districts will be required to take a 10 hour hunting safety course as part of the PE curriculum.

According to CBS 2, Joel Foster, the superintendent of both districts, said the idea was brought up last year during a school safety discussion. Trained firearm and hunting specialists from Butler County Conservation will be teaching this week long course.

Foster says “It’s about all kids learning how to handle a firearm in a safe manner. Any time that a kid might be exposed to a firearm they need to make sure they know how to handle it and make sure it’s safe.” With more people owning firearms in the country now more than ever it’s important to make sure young people are taught to handle them safely and with confidence.

Only replica firearms with no ammunition will be used in the class.

They are not the first school to do this. Back in 2016, a Colorado middle school hosted a 3 day program where the local sheriff’s department brought firearms into the school to teach proper handling. This program concluded with a trip to the gun range.

With growing concern over accidental gun deaths and injuries, teaching today’s youth how to properly handle a common tool is the best way to prevent these tragedies. The earlier kids are exposed to firearms, the more they will learn to respect them, and the less likely they are to misuse them. With safety being our schools number one priority, police departments should work with their local school district to teach young kids how to be safe around firearms.