It’s Time to Sanction China for their Cover-Up of COVID-19: Petition

*This article was taken from a Petition; found HERE*

China lied; people died. After enduring weeks of global economic shutdown due to the rampant spread of COVID-19, it’s become apparent that China covered up the initial outbreak, silenced whistleblowers, and lied to the world delaying research, costing well over 10,000 lives, and tens of trillions of dollars to the global economy leaving millions without jobs and wiped out savings as the world’s economy contracts and companies fold in on themselves. If the totalitarian regime’s abhorrent treatment of their own people wasn’t enough, then their blatant disregard for the people of the world should be enough to finally impose sanctions on China.

According to a timeline compiled by Axios, Wei Guixian, one of the first known cases of COVID-19, first fell ill on December 10th. As a worker at one of Wuhan’s infamous wet markets, his close proximity to the exotic, uncooked meats where sanitary regulations are all but nonexistent put him and others at an increased risk of contracting unknown diseases. Guixian was admitted to a hospital on December 16th, where, on December 27th, Wuhan health officials first learned a new virus was causing his severe symptoms.

On December 30th, Ai Fen, a director at Wuhan Central Hospital, and Dr. Li Wenliang discussed the new virus independently of each other on WeChat. Both doctors were called in for questioning by the Communist party and were reprimanded by the police.

Li Wenliang later died of complications from the coronavirus.

On January 1st, “an official at the Hubei Provincial Health Commission orders labs, which had already determined that the novel virus was similar to SARS, to stop testing samples and to destroy existing samples.”

On January 2nd, Chinese researchers map the complete COVID-19 genome. They don’t release this information until January 9th, leading to massive delays in creating vaccines and other preventative treatment.

On January 7th, China’s dictator, Xi Jinping becomes involved in a responsive effort. He does not make a public statement about the disease until January 21st.

On January 14th, Chinese authorities lied to the WHO, telling them there’s no evidence of human-to-human transmission. We now know the coronavirus is far more infectious than the flu. According to the NY Post, “news of the virus’ highly contagious nature didn’t surface publicly until Jan. 20.”

The first case of COVID-19 outside of China was reported on January 13th in Taiwan. The Communist Party did not place Wuhan under lockdown until January 23rd. At that time, 5 million people left Wuhan without being screened, likely spreading the disease across China and across the world.

China now has the audacity to claim American troops, not Wuhan wet markets selling disease-riddled animals, are responsible for the introduction of coronavirus in the Wuhan province.

China did everything in its power to downplay and hide the pandemic until they couldn’t hide it any longer. A quarter-million people are now infected with a disease that has a mortality rate between 10x and 30x higher than the flu. Why would China do this? Maybe to save face, maybe to maintain power, but who cares. The fact remains, China’s top-down actions and reckless oversight of wet markets are to blame.

In response to reports of China’s mishandling of the virus, the communist party expelled 5 major American news outlets – Voice of America, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and Time – from the country, in what can only be viewed as further attempts to cover up what really happened.

According to the National Review, wet markets are “open-air sites selling fresh meat, seafood, and produce. The meats often are butchered and trimmed on-site.” Unlike other countries, Chinese wet markets are home to “a wide variety of wild animals, including exotic and endangered species. Many are quite unsanitary, with blood, entrails, excrement, and other waste creating the conditions for disease that migrates from animals to people through virus, bacteria, and other forms of transmission.” They added, “such ‘zoonotic diseases’ that have emerged from China and other regions of the world include Ebola, HIV, bird flu, swine flu, and SARS.”

Though wet markets were just recently banned in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, such restrictions have come and gone in China’s past, and there’s no telling whether this ban on selling exotic meats will last. The markets were responsible for H1N1, SARS, and now COVID-19. No details about the new restrictions have been made public.

The National Review continued, so far, “we may just be seeing a repeat of the ‘crackdown’ after the SARS epidemic, which was quickly and quietly lifted.”

In the U.S., banks are predicting the 2nd quarter contractions to be in the neighborhood of 12%, and a loss of 1 million jobs each month the world is on lockdown. The Dow Jones is sinking to the lowest level in 4 years, losing over 30% of its value over a couple of weeks. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin warns if the U.S. doesn’t respond with the trillion-dollar stimulus packages proposed, we could suffer 20% unemployment rates.

Also, China imprisoned over a million Muslims in reeducation camps. Why does no one talk about this, or China’s long history of shipping dissidents off to gulags for questioning the communist government? If the country didn’t own so much U.S. debt and if our factories weren’t stationed there, we would treat China like North Korea or Iran.

China is a bad actor on the world stage. The oppression and restriction of their own people are second to none. Their cover-ups have cost too many lives and destroyed too many businesses globally for their actions to go unpunished. Until China apologies to the world, permanently shut down their wet markets, and takes an active role in fixing the problems they’ve created, the U.S. and the world need to sanction this oppressive dictatorship. There are more than enough poverty-stricken nations who would be absolutely thrilled to have global supply chains transferred to them. China’s economy is so intertwined with the world that even before the West began hunkering down, we faced massive supply shortages over Chinese factories closing. Dependence on an evil empire for our economic wellbeing is a grave mistake we can’t afford to make anymore. It’s time to diversify out of China. China must be held accountable, and no other punishment would fit their laundry list of crimes like sanctions.